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Dr Pallavi Anand

Dr Pallavi Anand

About me

Lecturer in ocean biogeochemistry, The Open University


Dr Pallavi Anand's research

Joseph Stewart et al. (2016-11-15) Influence of the Amazon River on the Nd isotope composition of deep water in the western equatorial Atlantic during the Oligocene–Miocene transition, In Earth and Planetary Science Letters(454)

Aleksey Yu. Sadekov et al. (2016-10) Geochemical imprints of genotypic variants of Globigerina bulloides in the Arabian Sea, In Paleoceanography 10(31)

Kate H. Salmon et al. (2016-09-01) Calcification and growth processes in planktonic foraminifera complicate the use of B/Ca and U/Ca as carbonate chemistry proxies, In Earth and Planetary Science Letters(449)

Fatima Mokadem et al. (2015-04) High precision radiogenic strontium isotope measurements of the modern and glacial ocean : limits on glacial-interglacial variations in continental weathering, In Earth and Planetary Science Letters(415)

Kate H. Salmon et al. (2015-01) Upper ocean mixing controls the seasonality of planktonic foraminifer fluxes and associated strength of the carbonate pump in the oligotrophic North Atlantic, In Biogeosciences 1(12)

Joseph A. Stewart et al. (2012-03) Geochemical assessment of the palaeoecology, ontogeny, morphotypic variability and palaeoceanographic utility of “Dentoglobigerina” venezuelana, In Marine Micropaleontology(84-85)

G . Ganssen et al. (2011-12) Quantifying sea surface temperature ranges of the Arabian Sea for the past 20 000 years, In Climate of the Past 6(7)

E. I. Stevenson et al. (2010-12) The retrieval of marine weathering records preserved by strontium stable isotopes in foraminifera, In American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2010.

Pallavi Anand, Rachael Helen James and Fatima Mokadem (2010-08) Records of continental weathering for the past 15 Ma from paired analysis of lithium and neodymium isotopes in planktonic foraminifera, In 10th International Conference on Paleoceanography

Eleanor John, Pallavi Anand and Rachael Helen James (2010-08) Changes in weathering processes in the Oligocene – Miocene: interpretations of Li/Ca, d7Li and eNd data from the Ceara Rise, western equatorial Atlantic, In 10th International Conference on Paleoceanography

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