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Dr Peter Bloom

Dr Peter Bloom

About me

Dr Peter Bloom is a lecturer in Public Policy and Management, The Department of People and Organisations at The Open University.


Dr Peter Bloom's research

Peter N. Bloom and Caroline A. Clarke (2016-04-12) When all that we count becomes all that counts: HR at the heart of the productivity shift, HR Magazine

Peter N. Bloom and Paul J. White (2015) The moral work of subversion, In Human Relations 1(69)

Peter N. Bloom (2016) Back to the capitalist future: Fantasy and the paradox of crisis, In Culture and Organization 2(22)

Peter N. Bloom (2016) Cutting off the King’s Head: The Self-Disciplining Fantasy Of Neoliberal Sovereignty, In New Formations(88)

Peter N. Bloom (2015) Work as the contemporary limit of life: Capitalism, the death drive, and the lethal fantasy of ‘work-life balance’, In Organization 4(23)

Peter N. Bloom (2015-05-28) Resisting the power of organizational resistance, Routledge Publishing

Peter N. Bloom (2015-03-17) Fighting the “Real” Enemy: Fantasizing the Liberal “Final Solution”, In The Library of Social Science Newsletter

Peter N. Bloom (2014) We are all monsters now!: A Marxist critique of liberal organization and the need for a revolutionary monstrous humanism, In Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal 7(33)

Emilio Allier Montaño and Peter N. Bloom (2014) The Closed Promise: The Authoritarian "Grip" of Democracy, In Theory & Event 3(17)

Peter N. Bloom (2013-11) Fight for your alienation: The fantasy of employability and the ironic struggle for self-exploitation, In Ephemera: theory & politics in organizations 4(13)

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