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Paul Catley (2016) The Future of Neurolaw, In European Journal of Current Legal Issues 2(22)
Paul Catley and Lisa Claydon (2015-11-01) The use of neuroscientific evidence in the courtroom by those accused of criminal offenses in England and Wales, In Journal of Law and the Biosciences 3(2)
Paul Catley and Stephanie M Pywell (2015-08) The ethical imperative of ascertaining and respecting the wishes of the minimally conscious patient facing a life-or-death decision., In Jahbruch für Wissenchaft und Ethik 1(19), De Gruyter
Paul Catley (2014-05) Online formative MCQs to supplement traditional teaching: a very significant positive impact on student performance in the short and long run, In Brookes E-Journal of Learning and Teaching 1(6), Brookes eJournal of Learning and Teaching
Lisa Claydon and Paul Catley (2011-09-14) Neuroscientific evidence in the English courts, Springer
Lisa Claydon and Paul Catley (2011-09-14) Neuroscientific Evidence in the English Courts, Springer-Verlag

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