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Profile: Dr Philip Sexton

Dr Philip Sexton

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Profile: Dr Philip Sexton

Dr Philip Sexton

About me

Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences, The Open University.


Dr Philip Sexton's research

Patrick R. Boyle et al. (2017-03-01) Cenozoic North Atlantic deep circulation history recorded in contourite drifts, offshore Newfoundland, Canada, In Marine Geology(385)

Kate H. Salmon et al. (2016-09-01) Calcification and growth processes in planktonic foraminifera complicate the use of B/Ca and U/Ca as carbonate chemistry proxies, In Earth and Planetary Science Letters(449)

Donald E. Penman et al. (2016-08) An abyssal carbonate compensation depth overshoot in the aftermath of the Palaeocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum, In Nature Geoscience(9)

Richard D. Pancost et al. (2015-08-16) Low sensitivity of Alkenone carbon isotopes to atmospheric CO2 during the Plio-Pleistocene, In Goldschmidt Conference 2015

Iris Moebius et al. (2015-08) Episodes of intensified biological productivity in the subtropical Atlantic Ocean during the termination of the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO), In Paleoceanography 8(30)

O. Friedrich et al. (2015-05-29) Newfoundland Neogene sediment drifts: transition from the Paleogene greenhouse to the modern icehouse, In Scientific Drilling(19)

M. A. Martinez-Botí et al. (2015-02-05) Plio-Pleistocene climate sensitivity evaluated using high-resolution CO2 records, In Nature 7537(518)

Kate H. Salmon et al. (2015-01) Upper ocean mixing controls the seasonality of planktonic foraminifer fluxes and associated strength of the carbonate pump in the oligotrophic North Atlantic, In Biogeosciences 1(12)

Marcus Peter Sebastian Badger et al. (2015) Biomarker approaches to greenhouse gas estimations through the Cenozoic: Recent developments and future directions, In AGU Fall Meeting

G. L. Foster and Philip F. Sexton (2014-11) Enhanced carbon dioxide outgassing from the eastern equatorial Atlantic during the last glacial, In Geology 11(42)

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