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Dr Paul Gabbott

Dr Paul Gabbott

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Dr Paul Gabbott

Dr Paul Gabbott

About me

Paul Gabbott is a senior lecturer in neuroscience in the Life Sciences Department of The Open University.

Dr Paul Gabbott's research

Joseph O. Ojo et al. (2015-04-29) Impact of age-related neuroglial cell responses on hippocampal deterioration, In Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience(7)

Nicola J. Corbett et al. (2013-08-09) Amyloid-beta induced CA1 pyramidal cell loss in young adult rats is alleviated by systemic treatment with FGL, a neural cell adhesion molecule-derived mimeticPeptide, In PloS one 8(8)

Paul Leonard Gabbott and Edmund T. Rolls (2013-06) Increased neuronal firing in resting and sleep in areas of the macaque medial prefrontal cortex, In European Journal of Neuroscience 11(37)

Joseph O. Ojo et al. (2013) An NCAM mimetic, FGL, alters hippocampal cellular morphometry in young adult (4 month-old) rats, In Neurochemical Research 6(38)

Paul Leonard Gabbott et al. (2012-08-01) Amygdala afferents monosynaptically innervate corticospinal neurones in rat medial prefrontal cortex, In Journal of Comparative Neurology 11(520)

Bunmi Ojo et al. (2012-07) Age-related changes in the hippocampus (loss of synaptophysin and glial-synaptic interaction) are modified by systemic treatment with an NCAM-derived peptide, FGL, In Brain, Behavior, and Immunity 5(26)

Paul Leonard Gabbott and Professor Mike G Stewart (2012-04-06) Visual deprivation alters dendritic bundle architecture in layer 4 of rat visual cortex, In Neuroscience(207)

Joseph O. Ojo et al. (2011-12) A neural cell adhesion molecule-derived peptide, FGL, attenuates glial cell activation in the aged hippocampus, In Experimental Neurology 2(232)

J. S. Dunham et al. (2011) The anterior cingulate (BA24c, BA32), ectorhinal (BA36) and triangular (BA45) cortices in autism: a stereological investigation of deep cortical layers and subcortical white matter, In 112th Meeting of the British Neuropathological Society

N. Nesaratnam et al. (2011) A quantitative analysis of synaptophysin immunoreactivity within the cerebral cortex in autism, In 112th Meeting of the British Neuropathological Society

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