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Dr Philip Seargeant

Dr Philip Seargeant

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Dr Philip Seargeant

Dr Philip Seargeant

About me

Philip Seargeant is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics in the Centre for Language and Communication at The Open University.


Dr Philip Seargeant's research

Philip Seargeant and Caroline Tagg (2018) Social media and the future of open debate: a user-oriented approach to Facebook's filter bubble conundrum, In Discourse, Context & Media

Philip Seargeant et al. (2017) The communicative needs of Bangladeshi economic migrants: The functional values of host country languages versus English as a lingua franca, In Journal of English as a Lingua Franca 1(6)

Caroline Tagg, Philip Seargeant and Amy Aisha Brown (2017) Taking Offence on Social Media: Conviviality and Communication on Facebook, Palgrave Macmillan

Caroline Tagg and Philip Seargeant (2016-12-08) Negotiating social roles in semi-public online contexts 13, Routledge

Lynda Prescott, Ann Hewings and Philip Seargeant (2016-01) Introduction: Futures for English Studies, Palgrave Macmilan

Ann Hewings and Philip Seargeant (2016-01) English language studies: A critical appraisal, Palgrave Macmillan

Ann Hewings, Lynda Prescott and Philip Seargeant (editors) (2016-01) Futures for English Studies: Teaching language, literature and creative writing in Higher Education, Palgrave Macmillan

Philip Seargeant et al. (2016) Analysing perceptions of English in rural Bangladesh, In World Englishes

Caroline Tagg and Philip Seargeant (2015-07-27) Facebook and the discursive construction of the social network, Routledge

Elizabeth. J. Erling et al. (2015) English for economic development: a case study of migrant workers from Bangladesh 15.03, British Council

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