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Profile: Professor Paul Stenner

Professor Paul Stenner

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Professor Paul Stenner's OpenLearn Profile

Profile: Professor Paul Stenner

Professor Paul Stenner

About me

Paul Stenner is Professor of Social Psychology at The Open University and has published several books and articles related to the history and philosophy of psychology.


Professor Paul Stenner's research

Professor Paul Stenner (2018-02-14) Liminality and experience: a transdisciplinary approach to the psychosocial, Palgrave Macmillan

Professor Paul Stenner, Monica Greco and Johanna Franziska Motzkau (2017-04) Introduction to the Special Issue on Liminal Hotspots, In Theory and Psychology 2(27)

Monica Greco and Professor Paul Stenner (2017-04) Liminality and affectivity: Introducing liminal hotspots, In Theory and Psychology 2(27)

J. Kofoed and Professor Paul Stenner (2017-04) Suspended liminality: Vacillating affects in cyberbullying/research, In Theory and Psychology 2(27)

Professor Paul Stenner (2017-01-19) Being in the zone and vital subjectivity: On the liminal sources of sport and art 4, Routledge

Professor Paul Stenner (2016-04-01) On standards and values: Between finite actuality and infinite possibility, In Theory and Psychology 2(26)

Professor Paul Stenner (2016-01-01) Liminalität, Un-Wohl-Gefühle und die affektive Wende., transcript | Verlag für Kommunikation, Kultur und soziale Praxis

Professor Paul Stenner (2015-03) Affectivität, Liminalität and Psychologie ohne Basis., Psychosozial Verlag

Professor Paul Stenner et al. (2015-11-25) Self-management of chronic low back pain: Four viewpoints from patients and healthcare providers, In Health Psychology Open 2(2)

Monika Hasenbring and Professor Paul Stenner (2015-07) Exploring cognitive factors in pain persistence behavior: some methodological and theoretical considerations — a commentary on a study by Andrews et al., In Pain 7(156)

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