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Professor Paul Stenner

Professor Paul Stenner

The Open University, Department of Psychology

Academic advisor for: Genius of the Modern World

Professor Paul Stenner's activities

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Professor Paul Stenner's Research & Publications

Professor Paul Stenner (2018-02-14) Liminality and experience: a transdisciplinary approach to the psychosocial, Palgrave Macmillan
Professor Paul Stenner (2018) Whitehead and Liminality, Les Editions Chromatika
Professor Paul Stenner and Monica Greco (2018) On The Magic Mountain: The novel as liminal affective technology, In International Political Anthropology 1(11)
Professor Paul Stenner and Michel Weber (editors) (2018) Orpheus’ Glance. Selected papers on process psychology: The Fontarèches meetings, 2002–2017, Les Editions Chromatika (In Press)
Professor Paul Stenner, Monica Greco and Johanna Franziska Motzkau (2017-04) Introduction to the Special Issue on Liminal Hotspots, In Theory and Psychology 2(27)
Monica Greco and Professor Paul Stenner (2017-04) Liminality and affectivity: Introducing liminal hotspots, In Theory and Psychology 2(27)
J. Kofoed and Professor Paul Stenner (2017-04) Suspended liminality: Vacillating affects in cyberbullying/research, In Theory and Psychology 2(27)
Vinette Cross et al. (2016-11-30) “It Sounds Like a Drama:” Hearing Stories of Chronic Low Back Pain Through Poetic (Re)presentation, In Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation(30)
Professor Paul Stenner (2016-04-01) On standards and values: Between finite actuality and infinite possibility, In Theory and Psychology 2(26)

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