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Dr Paul-François Tremlett

Dr Paul-François Tremlett

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Dr Paul-François Tremlett

Dr Paul-François Tremlett

About me

Paul-François is lecturer in religious studies at The Open University.


Dr Paul-François Tremlett's research

Paul-François Tremlett (2017-08) Why do we need the study of religion if we already have historians, anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists and folklorists?, Equinox

Paul-François Tremlett (2017-06) Durkheim and the Anthropology of Religion, Oxford University Press

Katy Soar and Paul-François Tremlett (2017) Protest objects: bricolage, performance and counter-archaeology, In World Archaeology 4(49)

Paul-François Tremlett, Professor Graham Harvey and Liam T. Sutherland (editors) (2017) Edward Burnett Tylor, Religion and Culture, Bloomsbury

Paul-François Tremlett (2015) Affective Dissent in the Heart of the Capitalist Utopia: Occupy Hong Kong and the Sacred, In Sociology 6(50)

Paul-François Tremlett (2016-11-28) Can science explain religion? The cognitive science debate, by James W. Jones, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2016, ix + 236 pp., £16.99, (hardcover); e-book available ISBN: 978-0-19-024938-0, In Religion 3(47), Informa UK Limited

Paul-François Tremlett (2016-11-24) (Post)structuralism, Oxford University Press

Paul-François Tremlett (2016) Looking back on the end of religion: Opening Re-Marx, Routledge

Paul-François Tremlett (2015-12) Structure, Brill

Paul-François Tremlett and Fang-Long Shih (2015-06-01) Forget Dawkins: Notes toward an Ethnography of Religious Belief and Doubt, In Social Analysis: The International Journal of Cultural and Social Practice 2(59)

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