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Rachael Luck

Rachael Luck

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Rachael Luck

Rachael Luck

About me

Rachael is Director of Research in the School of Engineering and Innovation and joined The Open University in 2013. She is an architect, a design researcher and Deputy Editor for the journal Design Studies. Her research studies how we design buildings, places and other everyday things with a particular interest in how people participate in design processes. Through ethnographic inquiry her research shows how everyone’s different capabilities, qualities and knowledge input in design situations. Her research has been funded by awards from ERC, ESRC, EPSRC, AHRC and RIBA.

Rachael Luck's research

Rachael Luck (2017-12-07) Inclusive design and making in practice: Bringing bodily experience into closer contact with making, In Design Studies

Rachael Luck (2016) What is it about space that is important in interaction? … Let’s take the world from a situated point of view, Springer

Rachael Luck (2014-10-28) Towards the formulation of a research question: guidance through the glass bead game of research design, Routledge

Rachael Luck (2015) Organising design in the wild: locating multidisciplinarity as a way of working, In Architectural Engineering and Design Management 2(11)

Rachael Luck (2014-11-27) Learning how to use buildings: an exploration of the potential of design interactions to support transition to low-impact community living, In Buildings 4(4)

Rachael Luck (2014-04-24) What is it about space that is important in interaction?, In CHI 2014

Rachael Luck (2014) Seeing architecture in action: designing, evoking and depicting space and form in embodied interaction, In International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation 3(2)

Rob Imrie and Rachael Luck (2014) Designing inclusive environments: rehabilitating the body and the relevance of universal design, In Disability and Rehabilitation 16(36)

Rachael Luck (2013-04-18) Articulating (mis)understanding across design discipline interfaces at a design team meeting, In Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing 2(27)

Rachael Luck (2012-11) ‘Doing designing’: on the practical analysis of design in practice, In Design Studies 6(33)

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