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Dr Richard A Marsden

Dr Richard A Marsden

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Dr Richard A Marsden

Dr Richard A Marsden

Dr Richard A Marsden's research

Richard A. Marsden (2018) Medievalism: New discipline or scholarly no-man’s land?, In History Compass 2(16)

Richard A. Marsden and Penni Bestic (2017) The Weakness of European Wales, In Planet: the Welsh Internationalist(225)

Richard A. Marsden (2016-04) Innes, Cosmo Nelson (1798-1874), antiquary, Oxford University Press

Richard A. Marsden (2015) [Book Review] Remembering the Past in Nineteenth-Century Scotland: Commemoration, Nationality and Memory, In Journal of Scottish Historical Studies 2(35)

Richard A. Marsden (2014-09-05) The real reason Yes Scotland avoids Braveheart nostalgia, The Conversation

Richard A. Marsden (2014-08-20) Cosmo Innes and the Defence of Scotland's Past c.1825-1875, Ashgate

Richard A. Marsden, Martin Willis and Keir Waddington (2013) Imaginary investments: Illness Narratives Beyond the Gaze, In Journal of Literature and Science 1(6)

Martin Willis, Keir Waddington and Richard A. Marsden (2013) Off Sick Project Online Exhibition, University of South Wales

Richard A. Marsden (2012-05) The antiquarian photography of Cosmo Innes, In History Scotland Magazine 3(12), Warners Group Publications

Richard A. Marsden (2012) Gerald of Wales; Welsh patriot or English Imperialist?, Gomer Press

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