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Rose Capdevila

Rose Capdevila

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Rose Capdevila

Rose Capdevila

About me

Dr Rose Capdevila is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology. Her research focuses on the construction and transgression of discursive boundaries around identity - in particular political and gender identities. She is also interested in the role and politics of methodology in psychology.

Rose Capdevila's research

Rose Capdevila and Jean M. McAvoy (2016-04-21) Psychological Theory, Research, Methodology, and Feminist Critiques, John Wiley & Sons

Lisa Lazard, Jean M. McAvoy and Rose Capdevila (2016-04-21) Postmodern feminist psychology, Wiley Blackwell

Lisa Lazard, Jean M. McAvoy and Rose Capdevila (2016-04-01) Postmodern Feminist Approaches to Psychology, Wiley-Blackwell

Rose Capdevila and Lisa Lazard (2015-04-26) Psychology of women: questions of politics and practice, Routledge

Rose Capdevila (2015-01) Negotiating health, mothering and ‘choice’, In Psicologia della Salute 1/2015

Sandra Roper et al. (2015) How is this feminist again? Q as a feminist methodology, In Psychology of Women Section Review(17)

Sally Johnson and Rose Capdevila (2014-03-07) That’s just what’s expected of you … so you do it’: Mothers discussions around choice and the MMR vaccination, In Psychology & Health 8(29)

Catriona Macleod, Jeanne Marecek and Rose Capdevila (2014-02) Feminism & Psychology going forward (Editorial), In Feminism and Psychology 1(24)

Rose Capdevila and Lisa Lazard (2014) Gender, Overview, Springer-Verlag

Marisela Montenegro, Rose Capdevila and Heidi Figueroa Sarriera (2012-05) Towards a transnational feminism: Dialogues on feminisms and psychologies in a Latin American context, In Feminism and Psychology 2(22)

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