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Professor Richard Danson Brown

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Profile: gap256

Professor Richard Danson Brown

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Executive Dean and Professor of English Literature, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Professor Richard Danson Brown's research

Professor Richard Brown (2018-01-31) Trevor Joyce, Fastness: a Translation from the English of Edmund Spenser, In Spenser Review 1(48)

Professor Richard Brown (2018) “And dearest loue”: Virgilian half-lines in Spenser’s Faerie Queene, In Proceedings of the Virgil Society(29)

Professor Richard Brown and Julian Lethbridge (2013) Concordance to the Rhymes of the Faerie Queene, Manchester University Press

Professor Richard Brown (2013-04) Call you ’em stanzos? Stanza form and reading poetry, In The English Review 4(23)

Professor Richard Brown (2013) ‘Such ungodly terms’: style, taste, verse satire and epigram in The Dutch Courtesan, In The Dutch Courtesan Project, Department of Theatre, Film and Television, University of York

Professor Richard Brown (2012) Review of Richard A. McCabe, ed. The Oxford Handbook of Edmund Spenser, In Modern Language Review 1(107)

Professor Richard Brown (2011) 'Can't we ever, my love, speak in the same language?': everyday language and creative tension in the poetry of Louis MacNeice, Palgrave Macmillan

Professor Richard Brown (2011) Reading iambic pentameter, In English Review 2(22)

Professor Richard Brown (2010-07) Book review: Edmund Spenser, Selected Letters and Other Papers, Christopher Burlinson and Andrew Zurcher (eds), In The Modern Language Review 3(105)

Professor Richard Brown (2010-06) Book Review: Gerald Dawe (ed) 'Earth Voices Whispering: An Anthology of Irish War Poetry 1914-1945', In Wasafiri 2(25)

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