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Dr Rebecca Jones's Research & Publications

Rebecca L. Jones, Kathryn Almack and Rachael Scicluna (2019) Older Bisexual People: Implications For Social Work From The ‘Looking Both Ways’ Study, In Journal of Gerontological Social Work 3(61)
Kathryn Almack, Rebecca L. Jones and Rachael Scicluna (2018) Bisexuality and ageing: Why it matters for social work practice, Routledge
Rebecca L. Jones (2016-05-12) Aging and Bisexuality, Sage
Professor Joanna Bornat and Rebecca L. Jones (2014) Introduction: The Future as a Topic in Ageing Research 13, Centre for Policy on Ageing
Professor Joanna Bornat and Rebecca L. Jones (editors) (2014) Imagining Futures: Methodological Issues for Research into Ageing(13), Centre for Policy on Ageing
Rebecca L. Jones (2012) Imagining the unimaginable: bisexual roadmaps for ageing, Jessica Kingsley
Meg John Barker et al. (2012) Guidelines for researching and writing about bisexuality, In Journal of Bisexuality 3(12)

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