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Dr Shonil Bhagwat

Dr Shonil Bhagwat

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Dr Shonil Bhagwat

Dr Shonil Bhagwat

About me

Dr Shonil Bhagwat is lecturer in geography at The Open University.


Dr Shonil Bhagwat's research

Шонил А. (Shonil A.) Бхагават (Bhagwat), Professor David Humphreys and Nikoleta Jones (2017-06) Forest governance in the Anthropocene: Challenges for theory and practice, In Forest Policy and Economics(79)

Christopher M. Coghlan and Шонил А. (Shonil A.) Бхагават (Bhagwat) (2017-04-15) Availability of Pulses in Rural Karnataka: Need to Use District-level Data, In Economic & Political Weekly 15(52), Economic and Political Weekly

Sandra Nogué et al. (2017) Exploring the Ecological History of a Tropical Agroforestry Landscape Using Fossil Pollen and Charcoal Analysis from Four Sites in Western Ghats, India, In Ecosystems

Шонил А. (Shonil A.) Бхагават (Bhagwat) (2017) Management of Nonnative Invasive Species in the Anthropocene, In Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences, Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences 2017, Elsevier

Alison Ormsby, Wendy Jackson and Шонил А. (Shonil A.) Бхагават (Bhagwat) (2016-08-11) Can world heritage status help protect sacred natural sites in Asia?, Routledge

Шонил А. (Shonil A.) Бхагават (Bhagwat), Anastasia Economou and Thomas F. Thornton (2016-07-04) The Idea of Climate Change as a Belief System: Why Climate Activism Resembles a Religious Movement, In GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society 2(25)

Fabrizio Frascaroli et al. (2016-05-01) Shrines in Central Italy conserve plant diversity and large trees, In Ambio 4(45)

Ambroise G. Baker et al. (2015) Pollen productivity estimates from old-growth forest strongly differ from those obtained in cultural landscapes: Evidence from the Białowieża National Park, Poland, In Holocene 1(26)

Sandra Nogué et al. (2016) Phytolith analysis reveals the intensity of past land use change in the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, In Quaternary International

B. A. A. Hoogakker et al. (2016) Terrestrial biosphere changes over the last 120 kyr, In Climate of the Past 1(12)

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