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Professor Simon Bell

Professor Simon Bell

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Professor Simon Bell

Professor Simon Bell

About me

Simon is Professor of Innovation and Methodology at The Open University.


Professor Simon Bell's research

Professor Simon Bell and Trevor Wood-Harper (2014-05-05) The innovation of Multiview3 for development professionals, In Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries 3(63)

Professor Simon Bell and Stephen Morse (2017-11-20) A basis for systemic sustainability measurement: an update, Routledge

Professor Simon Bell (2017-09-06) ‘Imagine’: mapping sustainability indicators, Policy Press

Professor Simon Bell et al. (2017-06) Sustainability and distance learning: a diverse European experience?, In Open Learning 2(32)

Professor Simon Bell et al. (2017) Smart Cities and M3: Rapid Research, Meaningful Metrics and Co-Design, In Systemic Practice and Action Research

Professor Simon Bell and Charles Cutting (2017-05) Project Fear, Open Learn, Open University

Professor Simon Bell (2017-03) The Formations of Terror, Cambridge Scholars

Professor Simon Bell, Sami Mahroum and Nasser Yassin (2017-02) Towards understanding problem structuring and groups with triple task methodology ‘e, In Journal of the Operational Research Society 2(68), Informa UK Limited

Professor Simon Bell et al. (2017) Teaching Environmental Management Competencies Online: Towards “Authentic” Collaboration?, In European Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning 1(20)

Sami Mahroum et al. (2016-08) Towards an Effective Multi-Stakeholder Consultation Process: Applying the Imagine Method in Context of Abu Dhabi’s Education Policy, In Systemic Practice and Action Research 4(29)

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