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Dr Sara De Jong

Dr Sara De Jong

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Dr Sara De Jong

Dr Sara De Jong

About me

Sara de Jong is Research Fellow of the Research Area Citizenship and Governance, and co-lead of the research stream 'Justice, Borders, Rights'. She is currently Guest Professor at the Göttingen University Diversity Research Institute.

Dr Sara De Jong's research

Sara de Jong (2017-05-16) Refugees at Work: (Ent-)Wertung von Wissen im sozialen Sektor, ÖGB-Verlag

Professor Jacqui Gabb and Sara de Jong (2017-05-02) Focus: Families and relationships across crises 44, Discover Society

Sara de Jong (2017) Complicit Sisters: Gender and Women's Issues Across North-South Divides, Oxford University Press (forthcoming)

Sara de Jong and Susanne Kimm (2017) The co-optation of feminisms: a research agenda, In International Feminist Journal of Politics

Sara de Jong et al. (2017) Migrationsmanagement: Praktiken, Intentionen, Interventionen, In Journal für Entwicklungspolitik 1(XXXIII)

Sara de Jong and Petra Dannecker (2017) Managing Migration with Stories? The IOM “i am a migrant” Campaign, In Austrian Journal of Development Studies/ Journal fuer Entwicklungspolitik 1(XXXIII)

Sara de Jong (2016-12-21) Beyond Good News and Bad News: Narrating Gender in Political Science, In Italian Political Science: The Professional Review of The Italian Political Science Association 2(11), Professional review of the Italian political science association

Sara de Jong and Jamila M. H. Mascat (2016-10-25) Relocating subalternity: scattered speculations on the conundrum of a concept, In Cultural Studies 5(30)

Sara de Jong (2016) Converging logics? Managing migration and managing diversity, In Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 3(42)

Sara de Jong (2016) Cultural Brokers in Post-Colonial Migration Regimes, Springer

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