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Dr Stephanie Pywell

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Dr Stephanie Pywell

About me

Stephanie is a Lecturer in Law at The Open University.


Dr Stephanie Pywell's research

Stephanie M Pywell (2018-01-29) No Judge Required: M (By her litigation Friend, Mrs B) v A Hospital; M (Withdrawal of Treatment: Need for Proceedings) (2017) EWCOP 19, In Medical Law Review

Stephanie M Pywell (2017) Bridging the gap: online materials to equip graduate entrants to a law degree with essential subject knowledge and skills, In Law Teacher

Stephanie M Pywell (2016-08) Live or Let Die? The Court of Protection's Ground-Breaking Decision in M. v. N. (by her litigation friend, the Official Solicitor) and others [2015] EWCOP 76 (Fam.), In Journal of Medical Law and Ethics 2(4)

Stephanie M Pywell (2016-05-27) The reasonable robot, In New Law Journal 7700(166)

Stephanie M Pywell (2015-08-01) Potential legal implications of advances in neuroimaging techniques for the clinical management of patients with disorders of consciousness, In Jahbruch für Wissenchaft und Ethik 1(19), De Gruyter

Paul Catley and Stephanie M Pywell (2015-08) The ethical imperative of ascertaining and respecting the wishes of the minimally conscious patient facing a life-or-death decision., In Jahbruch für Wissenchaft und Ethik 1(19), De Gruyter

Stephanie M Pywell (2015-06) PP v Health Service Executive [2014] IEHC 622: The High Court of Ireland (Divisional Court): Kearns P, Baker, Costello JJ: 26 December 2014, In Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 2(4), Oxford Univeristy Press

Stephanie M Pywell (2015) Dimitrova v Bulgaria: Application no 15452/07: European Court of Human Rights (Fourth Section); Raimondi (President); Hirvelä, Bianku, Tsotsoria, Mahoney, Wojtyczek, JJ; Panova, ad hoc judge: 10 February 2015, In Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 3(4), Oxford University Press

Stephanie M Pywell (2015) The Influence of Catholic Doctrine on Medical Law when X’s Life Poses a Threat to Y’s Life, In Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 3(4)

Stephanie M Pywell (2013-08) Disentangling the law, In CILEx Journal

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