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Professor Stephen Potter

Professor Stephen Potter

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Professor Stephen Potter

Professor Stephen Potter

About me

Stephen Potter is professor of transport strategy at The Open University.

Professor Stephen Potter's research

Alan-Miguel Valdez Juarez et al. (2018) Prototyping sustainable mobility practices: user-generated data in the smart city, In Technology Analysis and Strategic Management 2(30)

Alan-Miguel Valdez Juarez, Matthew B. Cook and Stephen Potter (2018) Roadmaps to Utopia: Tales of the Smart City, In Urban Studies

Maurizio Catulli, Matthew B. Cook and Stephen Potter (2017-01-10) Consuming use orientated product service systems: A consumer culture theory perspective, In Journal of Cleaner Production(141)

Stephen Potter and Alan-Miguel Valdez Juarez (2017-01-04) Shifting Smart City travel information systems to the Smart Region, In Universities Transport Study Group Annual Conference

Annika Wolff et al. (2017-01-01) Engaging with the Smart City Through Urban Data Games 1, Springer

Maurizio Catulli, Matthew B. Cook and Stephen Potter (2017) Product Service Systems Users and Harley Davidson Riders: the importance of consumer identity in the diffusion of sustainable consumption solutions, In Journal of Industrial Ecology

Stephen Potter and Marcus P. Enoch (2016-10-07) Paratransit: the need for a regulatory revolution in the light of institutional inertia 8, Emerald

Per-Anders Langendahl et al. (2016-08) Governing effective and legitimate smart grid developments, In Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Energy 3(169)

Per-Anders Langendahl, Matthew B. Cook and Stephen Potter (2016) Sustainable innovation journeys: exploring the dynamics of firm practices as part of transitions to more sustainable food and farming, In Local Environment 1(21)

Matthew B. Cook et al. (2015-11-10) Exploring the role of intermediaries in smart grid developments, In Sustainable Innovation 2015

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