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Professor Steven Rose

Professor Steven Rose

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Professor Steven Rose

Professor Steven Rose

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Steven Rose was appointed Professor of Biology and Director of the Brain and Behaviour Research Group at the Open University at the age of 30 in 1969, where he is now Emeritus Professor. He is also Visiting Professor at University College London. His research centres on the neurobiology of learning and memory concerning which he has published more than 300 papers and reviews and which is currently focussed on developing a therapy for Alzheimer's Disease.

Professor Steven Rose's research

Radmila Mileusnic and Steven P. R. Rose (2011-08) The memory enhancing effect of the APP-derived tripeptide Ac-rER is mediated through CRMP2, In Journal of Neurochemistry 4(118)

E. Sujkovic et al. (2007-08-24) Temporal effects of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate on memory formation in day-old chicks, In Neuroscience 2(148)

Radmila Mileusnic et al. (2007-05) Protection against A[beta]-induced memory loss by tripeptide D-Arg-L-Glu-L-Arg, In Behavioural Pharmacology 3(18)

Radmila Mileusnic, Christine L. Lancashire and Steven P. R. Rose (2006) Mechanisms of memory consolidation: The effect of reminder, Research Signpost

Steven P. R. Rose (2005-11-06) Human agency in the neurocentric age, In EMBO Reports 11(6)

Radmila Mileusnic, Christine L. Lancashire and Steven P. R. Rose (2005-11) Recalling an aversive experience by day-old chicks is not dependent on somatic protein synthesis, In Learning and Memory 6(12)

Radmila Mileusnic, Christine L. Lancashire and Steven P. R. Rose (2005-06) Amyloid precursor protein: from synaptic plasticity to Alzheimer’s disease, In Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1(1048), Blackwell Publishing Ltd

Paola V. Migues, Amy N. B. Johnston and Steven P. R. Rose (2005-04-25) Sex differences in pregnenolone sulphate in the chick brain after training, In NeuroReport 6(16)

Kate Koles et al. (2005) Glycan analysis of the chicken synaptic plasma membrane glycoproteins - a major synaptic N-glycan carries the LewisX determinant, In International Journal of Biological Sciences 4(1)

Sven Braeutigam et al. (2004-07) The distributed neuronal systems supporting choice-making in real-life situations: differences between men and women when choosing groceries detected using magnetoencephalography, In European Journal of Neuroscience 1(20)

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