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    I am female; born in 1957.  I have a degree in Social Policy and Administration, an MA in Human Relations and have qualified and worked for many years as an occupational therapist.  Prior to this I did a secretarial course in London during which time I developed a great interest in art appreciation through having the chance to explore the galleries. This has gone on to be a lifelong interest.

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    I am currently earning a BA in English. I am an aspiring writer, and love working to improve my writing skills. I enjoy gardering and taking long rides with my dog.

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    I am a 50 year old carer living in ------ Durham, I am also a volunteer receptionist two days a week for the Durham miners association.  I have just celebrated my significant birthday and needed to do something for me, so I looked on the Internet and found this.

    i have done other courses on Future learn, but was looking for something different that could maybe in the future encourage me to take things further.

    I am a carer for my parents both in their eighties, I am single at the moment and due to caring I live at my parents house at the moment.  I have suffered from depression and am seeing a therapist, so things are improving.