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ICTs: device to device communication

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Are you a technophobe? Bluetooth, Ethernet WiFi are they terms that mean nothing to you? ICTs: device to device communication, is a free course that will gently guide you to an understanding of how devices 'talk' to each other and what technologies and processes are involved. You will also look at wired and wireless communication technologies, introducing you to some of the key methods involved.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand and use correctly terms introduced in this course in relation to communication networks
  • understand general principles involved in data exchange between ICT devices
  • work with numbers expressed in scientific notation, and use the Windows calculator to perform calculations on these numbers.

By: The Open University

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ICTs: device to device communication


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This course looks at communication systems where devices are the main players, passing information to and from each other and possibly acting on that information to produce some kind of outcome. In these interactions, people may not be involved at all, or may have roles that are limited only to the initial setting of schedule (such as when certain tasks should be performed) and parameters (such as particular conditions that should be satisfied before a task is performed). Some people may see this as liberating – relieving humans from the tedious tasks of everyday living. Some may see it as threatening – taking control away from humans and placing it with the computers and machines.

How do devices 'talk' to each other? What technologies and processes are involved? What kind of world does it create? These topics, and others, will be explored in this course.

We then look at wired and wireless communication technologies, introducing you to some of the key methods currently in use.

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