Launch Power My Postcode Creative commons image Credit: The Open University / mapping: Google Launch Power My Postcode

There's a huge debate around how we can maintain our energy-hungry lifestyles - should we go after renewables, build more nuclear capacity, or keep digging up coal?

The trouble with the debate is it can be hard to know just how you can compare the output of a windfarm with a nuclear power station. Even if you know the numbers, it can be challenging to visualise just what they mean in terms of kettles you could boil or holes you could power-drill.

That's where Power My Postcode comes in - choose a power source, choose a neighbourhood, and see how many households you could plug into the generator.

In Power My Postcode, you'll discover:

  • how many households some of the main forms of energy can power;
  • the way energy from the sun, fossil fuels and nuclear is converted into electricity in our homes;
  • if you can put together a grid to keep the lights on for the whole nations