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Learning about numbers

Learning about numbers Copyrighted image Credit: Marjanneke | Dreamstime.com
Introductory Level Duration 5 mins Updated 10 Jan 2005
Sue Johnston-Wilder looks at how we develop our skills with numbers

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Modelling displacements and velocities

Free CourseFree Course
Modelling displacements and velocities Copyrighted image Credit: Used with permission
Introductory Level Duration 3 hours Updated 05 Mar 2014
In this unit you will see first how to convert vectors from geometric form, in terms of a magnitude and direction, to component form, and...

Numbers, units and arithmetic

Free CourseFree Course Featuring: ActivityActivity
Numbers, units and arithmetic
Introductory Level Duration 5 hours Updated 17 Oct 2013
Do fractions and decimals make you apprehensive about maths? Do you lack confidence in dealing with numbers? If so, then this unit is for you. The...

Working mathematically

Free CourseFree Course
Working mathematically Creative commons image Credit: Chris73/Wikimedia Commons
Introductory Level Duration 10 hours Updated 17 Oct 2013
This unit is aimed at teachers who wish to review how they go about the practice of teaching mathematics, those who are considering becoming...