Language, notation and formulas
Language, notation and formulas

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Language, notation and formulas

2.6.2 Try some yourself

Activity 6

Read the following expression out aloud or write it out in full in words:

  • (a) 3 × 4 + 3 × 5 = 3 (4 + 5).


  • (a) Three times four, plus three times five equals three times the sum of four and five.

Activity 7

Which mathematical operations are implied by these words when used in a mathematical sense?

  • (a) Sum

  • (b) Difference

  • (c) Product

  • (d) Quotient

State the operations in both words and symbols.


  • (a) Sum implies addition or +.

  • (b) Difference implies subtraction or −.

  • (c) Product implies multiplication or ×.

  • (d) Quotient implies division or ÷.


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