Track 1: Soaring by Design

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Soaring by Design    A short introduction to this album. Play now Soaring by Design
2 Modeling Flight    Introducing the forces a glider is exposed to during flight. Play now Modeling Flight
3 Avoiding Collisions    Demonstrating the change of energy when a pilot dives to avoid a collision. Play now Avoiding Collisions
4 The Mechanics of Launching    Examining the process of winching as a launch mechanism. Play now The Mechanics of Launching
5 Wing Design: Predictions    The transfer of the huge forces between the wings and the glider body, and how the forces are resisted. Play now Wing Design: Predictions
6 Wing Design: Testing and Building    The predictions of air flow on the wings, generated by mathematical modeling are compared with the real thing. Play now Wing Design: Testing and Building
7 Measuring Experimentally    The ways in which prototype gliders are tested, producing accurate polar curves. Play now Measuring Experimentally
8 The Final Glide    The changes in the Total Energy of a glider when it comes in to the finish of a competition are examined. Play now The Final Glide