Motion under gravity
Motion under gravity

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Motion under gravity

Learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand that all objects, irrespective of their mass, experience the same acceleration g when falling freely under the influence of gravity at the same point on the Earth. The weight of an object is the force F g due to gravity acting on the object, and for an object with mass m the weight is given by F g=mg

  • understand that if the height of an object of mass m changes by Δh, the change in gravitational energy is ΔE g=mgΔh

  • understand that if gravity is the only force acting on an object, the sum of kinetic energy and gravitational energy is constant

  • understand that increases in kinetic energy are balanced by decreases in gravitational energy, and vice versa

  • understand that there are various forms of potential energy, all of which depend on the position of an object rather than on its motion.


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