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Unclear about nuclear?


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So you’ve heard about nuclear energy, but you’re not sure what it is. Some people talk about nuclear providing vast amounts of cheap and clean energy. But you will probably also have heard about safety concerns in harnessing this source of energy.

As world energy needs increase due to a growing population and increased demand for technology for transportation, communication, entertainment, etc., it is impossible to meet these energy demands without considering the contributions from a variety of sources. On a global scale, one of the major players in energy supply is bound to be nuclear.

In order to supply all our energy needs in the future, the nuclear energy industry looks set to expand over the coming years, with an expansion of employment opportunities available at different levels requiring a variety of skills in a variety of sectors where there are a whole range of opportunities; in the decommissioning industry, for example, where there are many innovative and exciting engineering and technical challenges within power generation and in the defence industry, as well as new nuclear build. Although specialist training will be available for those entering employment within the nuclear sector, the aim of this unit is to provide you with background to help you decide whether this is an area that interests you, and whether you would like to take your interest further. This unit will provide opportunities to develop your knowledge and point you to opportunities for further study.

The material you will meet here was drawn from a variety of sources, including the Open University course Learn about nuclear energy that might provide a suitable next step that you can study just for interest [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] , or study for credit. You will find out more about this at the end of this free course. This unit has been partly funded by the National HE STEM Programme.

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