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Download your free poster, 'A City in the Making'

Updated Wednesday 24th May 2017

Download your free 'A City in the Making' poster to accompany the OU/BBC series 'The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway'.

Cross Rail poster image Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: The Open University

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Following on from the OU/BBC co-production The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway, download your free poster exploring urban infrastructures and how cities are made. You can also see other poster and booklets we've made for other series.

Notes from the authors

Cities depend on circulations: of people, materials, goods, energy, and information. It is urban infrastructures that make those circulations possible.

Such infrastructures include networks of transportation, communication, supply and, increasingly, digital data that allows people and objects to be mobile. 

They include, less obviously, the technical standards, bureaucratic systems, and regulatory governance that allows such networks to function.

The images and words on this poster offer some ways of thinking about the different forms this shaping can take with the intention of drawing your attention to how, when, where and why cities are never finished and always in the making.

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