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Five Tort Law Cases You Should Know

Updated Friday 3rd November 2017

From the consumption of snail remnants, to Katie Hopkins getting in to deep water on Twitter, check out the stories of five extraordinary torts in these short animations. 

Donoghue v Stevenson: Concept of Duty of Care in the Tort of Negligence

If you unknowingly consumed a mollusc in a drink you’d expect some big compensation, right? Explore how a Paisley snail gave power to the modern consumer...


Monroe v Hopkins: The Tort of Defamation

Can comments written on a social media site land an individual in trouble with the law? Discover how a series of tweets put Katie Hopkins in hot legal water...


Thompson-Schwab and Another v Costaki and Another: The Tort of Private Nuisance

If the enjoyment of your home is affected by a neighbour’s activities have you got a case for the Tort of Private Nuisance? Yes, might be the obvious answer, but what if the activities are legal but morally offensive to you..? 


Fagan v Commissioner of Metropolitan Police: The Tort of Battery

If you accidentally physically hurt someone is this assault? No, but it could be battery. Here’s how Vincent Fagan committed the act on a police officer... 


Viasystems (Tyneside) Ltd v Thermal Transfer (Northern) Ltd: The Tort of Vicarious Liability

If a worker makes a mistake that causes a lot of damage does liability lie with their employer? What if their employer was subcontracted by another company? Explore how two employers can be liable…

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