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Discussion Hub: Bad Habits

Updated Thursday 20th September 2012

Is it acceptable to spit in the street? Or how about answering your mobile on a train? Vote and share your views here

Man spitting In the 1500s, it was perfectly acceptable to spit in the street as long as you covered it with your foot when socialising

How do you think habits have changed over time? What examples have you seen in your lifetime of shifting attitudes to these habits? And what does that mean for society? 

Use the Comments facility below to share your views on the changing world of habits and vote in our poll. 

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  • If you want to learn even more about the world of habits, in particular how the social sciences help us solve the troubles and dilemmas of private and public life, find out more about our new course The uses of social science
  • Play our Timeline of bad habits  to discover how society's view of different habits have changed over time 

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