Tenements, trams and towering cranes: the stories behind a Clydeside street

Industrial expansion of the river city of Glasgow saw the diverse population housed in the city’s iconic tenements. High rise and new luxury apartments came later, and we explore the development of Dumbarton Road in the west end of Glasgow.

The story of Dumbarton Road introduces some of the fascinating social and political history of the city.

Dumbarton Road, Partick, Glasgow

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From milling by the River Kelvin, 19th century industrial expansion included shipbuilding and engineering, with housing along Dumbarton Road. Copyright Glasgow University Library Attracted by employment opportunities from industrial expansion, migrant workers from Ireland and the Scottish Highlands and Islands, brought Gaelic traditions and culture to Partick. Copyright Glasgow Museums Collections Partick remains a diverse and vibrant community as the post-industrial city attempts to reconnect with the river through regeneration schemes such as the Glasgow Harbour Housing complex. Copyright Hilary Mooney Explore the Dumbarton Road, Glasgow area on Google map streetview. Copyright Hilary Mooney
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