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Hilary Devey's Women at the Top - Sectors

Updated Thursday 23rd August 2012

Hilary Devey and diversity consultant Binna Kandola talk about how the IT and construction sectors treat women at senior levels 





Hilary Devey, Founder & CEO of The Pall-Ex Group

I’ve championed for the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Women in Logistics, Skills for Logistics, where we focussed on women and getting females into the industry, and have succeeded.  And within my own empire, you know, I focussed on bringing women in.  I’ve not tolerated chauvinism or discrimination at any level, and if I have encountered it happening in my workplace then I’ve dealt with it very swiftly.

Binna Kandola, Diversity Consultant at Pearn Kandola

Well there was an organisation, a client of ours, who found they’d got very few women applying for IT architecture roles, and we did some research into this and actually found if you called it an IT designer role you actually got more women applying to it.  The word ‘architect’ and ‘architecture’ was actually putting them off, and when you think about it architects are the ones who design buildings, they are practically all male; designers, you actually have more of a mix of male and female.  So even at a very different profession you find that language is having an impact in terms of the perception of the role and who should be doing it.




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