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OpenLearn Scotland


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This unit serves as a gateway to over 30 units that have been specifically developed to reflect the enormous interest in Scottish culture and society. The collection of units as a whole demonstrates The Open University's commitment to delivering a curriculum that is appropriate for the differing requirements of each of the countries within the United Kingdom.

These units have been collected and developed from across The Open University's catalogue, chosen because of their particular relevance to Scotland. They cover a wide range of subjects dealing with themes such as culture, society and professional development where specifications are sometimes different in Scotland.

The OpenLearn Scotland collection provides you with the opportunity to access free learning resources of particular relevance to Scotland. You may wish to study a single unit to further your interest in a particular topic or to use the learning experience as an opportunity to assess your level of academic ability prior to studying at university level. We hope that, whatever your reason for using OpenLearn, it will provide you with a taste for learning.

This unit is an adapted extract from the Open University Qualification BA (Honours) Social Work (Scotland) [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] .