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Our Crime: Who said what?

Updated Friday 30th March 2012

Can you match the quotes about crime to the people who said them?

A lot of people have opinions on youth crime, and the 2011 London riots in particular. You might have heard some in BBC Three's Our Crime. But can you match the opinion to the person? Try our Who Said What challenge to find out...

Click on the image below to launch. Then, simply drag each quote which appears at the top of the screen to the person who you think said it. After you've tried each quote, you'll be told how well you've done...

If you are stuck, go to the bottom of the page and click on the faces to either view a clip from the series or read a biography to get a clue. But remember, you have to try to make a match for all the quotes before you find out how you've done - but you can move the quotes around if you want to change your mind!

You can share your result or challenge a friend using buttons on the top. Good luck!

Montage of teenage faces Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Montage: The Open University Individual elements copyright held by their respective owners. Launch the Who said what challenge


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