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Joke booth: Nibbles

Updated Friday 1st June 2007

Olya from London shares a lesson in price-fixing


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Guy comes up to the girl and he says 'I'll give you £10 if you let me bite your boob'.

She says 'No no, who do you think I am, I'm not going to let you bite my boob'

He says, 'Okay I'll give you £100 pounds if you let me bite your boob'

She goes 'mmm, no, no, who do you think I am?'

He says, 'Okay, I'll give you £10,000 if you let me bite your boob'

She thought about it and says 'Yeah sure, okay, let's do that'

So he started licking it and kissing it, and licking it some more, and she says 'So hurry up, are you going to bite it?'

And he says, 'Nah... it's too expensive'.


Marie Gillespie Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Marie Gillespie Marie says

This joke, like many, exposes a misunderstanding and a deception. It's a narrative joke with a typical three part joke structure that combines a story report and dialogue in the first person which gives it a lively, real feel.

The story begins with a ridiculous request, like many jokes. Story tension mounts as the financial offer rises from £10 to £100 to £10,000 reaching a dramatic climax when the girl agrees to the inappropriate request.

Then, Olya tells how the man plays with the woman's breast. The punch line punctures the dramatic and sexual tension in the joke as the man retreats from the original request to bite her boob – because he cannot afford it.

The girl is deceived and exploited. Olya tells the joke very well,and it raises raucous laughter in Lenny's live gigs. There are many variations on this joke including one that turns the basic plot into a stereotypical 'mean' Scotsman joke.


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