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An Italian dissident

An Italian dissident Creative commons image Credit: static461 under CC-BY-NC licence [Warning: Image page contains swearing]
Introductory Level Updated 05 Feb 2013
We look at why Roberto Saviano's book Gomorrah - an expose of the mafia in Napoli - is so ground-breaking 

Are the police corrupt?

Are the police corrupt? Creative commons image Credit: By Hugovk via Flickr under Creative Commons Licence
Introductory Level Updated 22 Jan 2013
What moral lines are police officers willing to cross? A recent survey by Dr Louise Westmarland explores just this question

Does society get the police it deserves?

Does society get the police it deserves? Creative commons image Credit: Gary Edwards
Updated 11 Jan 2012
Dick Skellington reports how freedom of information legislation revealed two worrying sets of statistics.