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Upper Buckingham Street, Dublin, Ireland: from speculative landowners to multi-tenanted tenements

Updated Sunday 8th July 2012

The story of Upper Buckingham Street, from its initial layout in 1788 to the present day, reflects the ups and downs of Dublin city and its people.

From 18th century speculative landowners to present-day rehabilitation

Upper Buckingham Street, in Dublin’s north-east inner city, represents a microcosm of the city’s development from its initial layout by speculative landowners in the late 18th century ‘golden age’, through its largely middle-class residential status in the 19th century, its demotion to tenement use, then attempted rehabilitation in the late 20th century.

The housing on the street represents every era from fine Georgian residences to middle-class Victorian dwellings and a range of purpose-built flats intended for the working classes built both by a private semi-philanthropic housing company (DADC) and by the city authorities.

Upper Buckingham Street, Dublin

Click each image to find maps, pictures and stories from Upper Buckingham Street.

From a street of comfortable middle-class dwellings, decline in the late 19th century saw subdivision into working-class multi-family tenements. Copyright Courtesy of Dublin City Public Libraries Regeneration projects to rehabilitate the area's physical and social fabric stalled in the economic downturn, but a strong community spirit remains. Copyright Brian Matthews Explore the Upper Buckingham Street area on Google map streetview. Copyright Brian Matthews A series of 20th century local authority flat complexes built to tackle slum conditions led to a concentration of social deprivation. Copyright G&T Crampton Limited Archive
Copyright Background: Cassini historical maps

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