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Gaia: Taking the Galactic Census

Gaia: Taking the Galactic Census
Introductory level Updated 07 Aug 2013
We know how many stars there are in the Milky Way, but how do we know how far they are?

Sat nav for interstellar voyagers?

Sat nav for interstellar voyagers? Creative commons image Credit: wbchanlicensedfor reuse under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0/a>
Introductory level Updated 02 May 2013
If you find yourself in an uncharted part of the Galaxy, how would you know which way home is?  


Exoplanets Copyrighted image Credit: ESA - C.Carreau
Introductory level Updated 14 Dec 2012
What can be learnt from observing exoplanets?     

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Management: Perspective and practice

Free CourseFree Course Featuring: AudioAudio ActivityActivity
Management: Perspective and practice Copyrighted image Credit: Used with permission
Masters level Duration 10 hours Updated 16 Jun 2011
This unit introduces you to a range of different ways of thinking about organisations and approaches to managing the people who work within them.


Featuring: VideoVideo AudioAudio
Astronomy Copyrighted image Credit: The Open University 2008
Intermediate level Duration 1 hour 30 mins Updated 13 Apr 2010
Thanks to cutting-edge radio and infra-red astronomy, our understanding of the universe is moving very fast. Ideas about black holes and cosmic...