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What does a kiss mean?

What does a kiss mean? Copyrighted image Copyright: Shiningcolors | Dreamstime.com
Introductory level Duration 10 mins Updated 14 Apr 2015
The kiss has changed its cultural meaning across the century - from a sign of favour to a marker of desire. How did that happen?

Unlikely Leaders

Featuring: Video Video Audio Audio
Unlikely Leaders Copyrighted image Copyright: The Open University
Introductory level Duration 1 hour Updated 29 Nov 2013
What do you imagine when you think of a leader? Is the customary vision of the powerful politician or business leader still entirely relevant today...

Confusing Terms In Statistics

Confusing Terms In Statistics Copyrighted image Copyright: BBC
Introductory level Duration 10 mins Updated 10 Jan 2005
Kevin McConway explains why, for a statistician, reliable and significant have specific meanings

Learning to talk

Learning to talk Copyrighted image Copyright: Py2000 | Dreamstime.com
Introductory level Duration 5 mins Updated 02 Dec 2004
Dr. Clare Wood takes a look at the development of communication in babies and children

Debate: Free will?

Debate: Free will? Copyrighted image Copyright: Jupiter Images
Introductory level Duration 5 mins Updated 24 Sep 2003
Inspired by the Reith Lectures 2003, Doctor Saroj Datta of The Open University posed a simple question with a more complicated answer

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Word and image

Free Course Free Course Featuring: Audio Audio
Word and image Copyrighted image Copyright: Used with permission
Intermediate level Duration 15 hours Updated 16 Feb 2016
Why does the way a page looks influence how we interpret the information it contains? This free course, Word and image, will examine how typography...

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Exploring legal meaning

Course Course
Exploring legal meaning Copyrighted image Copyright: The Open University / Karen Parker
Advanced level Duration 300 hours Updated 29 Jul 2016 Register by 21 Oct 2016
This course explores the place and meaning of law in the modern world and provides a broad understanding of how law works in different contexts.