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Paradox of wave-particles

Paradox of wave-particles Copyrighted image Credit: Production team
Introductory level Duration 10 mins Updated 25 Feb 2010
Professor Russell Stannard looks at the wave-particle paradox and Niels Bohr’s solution to it.

Gamma-ray bursts

Gamma-ray bursts Copyrighted image Credit: NASA
Introductory level Duration 15 mins Updated 06 Jul 2007
Andrew Norton tells how a mystery in the sky was solved.

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The Sun

Free CourseFree Course
The Sun Copyrighted image Credit: Used with permission
Introductory level Duration 8 hours Updated 01 Aug 2014
The sun dominates our lives by defining our day, but how much do you know and understand about it? This unit will help you to explore the workings...

Telescopes and spectrographs

Free CourseFree Course
Telescopes and spectrographs Copyrighted image Credit: Used with permission
Intermediate level Duration 10 hours Updated 15 Oct 2012
This unit looks at how telescopes and spectrographs are designed to improve our ability to observe the universe. You will examine how different...

Comparing stars

Free CourseFree Course
Comparing stars Copyrighted image Credit: Used with permission
Intermediate level Duration 16 hours Updated 19 Jul 2011
Stars can necessarily be observed only at a distance. This unit introduces the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram, an essential tool in understanding the...