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Sleuths, Spies & Sorcerers: Andrew Marr’s Paperback Heroes

Andrew Marr deconstructs detective fiction, fantasy epics and spy novels - the books we really read. He unpicks their conventions to show how these books keep us turning the page in our latest OU co-production with BBC Four. 

BBC Four

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Thursday 9:00pm
23 Nov 2017

Blitz: The Bombs That Changed Britain

During the blitz over four hundred and fifty thousand bombs rained down on Britain - how did they shape our future?

BBC World Service Radio
Sunday 2:06pm
26 Nov 2017

The Music of Time

How does music gain the meaning different societies give it?

Sunday 8:00pm
26 Nov 2017

Blue Planet II

Sir David Attenborough presents Blue Planet II.

Monday 9:00am
27 Nov 2017

Life Story

With Life Story, David Attenborough takes us on the greatest of all adventures – the journey through life. Find out more, and watch clips from the series.

Tuesday 10:45pm
28 Nov 2017


Exploring the consumption, dealing, treatment and policing of illegal drugs in the city of Bristol. 

BBC Four
Thursday 10:30pm
30 Nov 2017

The Beginning and End of the Universe

In this two-part series, Prof Jim Al-Khalili tackles the biggest subject of all: the universe.

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