Thinking Allowed 2017 Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC

Thinking Allowed 2017

OU/BBC's Thinking Allowed puts the focus on the latest thinking about how society works. Read exclusive academic insights from The Open University every week as each show airs.

BBC Radio 4

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The OU has a unique partnership with the BBC, co-producing content for radio, television and online channels. We also work with a range of other broadcasters in the UK and internationally.
Here’s what’s coming up in next few days and what you can catch up with via iPlayer.

All in the Mind - Spring/Summer 2017 Creative commons image Icon The Open University under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license
BBC Radio 4
Tuesday 9:00pm
02 May 2017

All in the Mind - Spring/Summer 2017

Join us for the OU/BBC Radio 4 series that explores the limits and potential of the human mind.

Genius of the Modern World Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: The BBC
BBC Four
Tuesday 10:00pm
02 May 2017

Genius of the Modern World

Bettany Hughes explores the life and works of Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud in the three part series from the OU and the BBC.

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