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Life In The Undergrowth

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David Attenborough pushes back the foliage and finds a world of invertebrates.

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David Attenborough reveals the amazing stories behind the tiny lives of invertebrates, exploring their incredible miniature world with ground-breaking camerawork and technology.

The series was originally broadcast on BBC One in November 2005; it is regularly repeated on Eden and Yesterday.

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Taking To The Air

David Attenborough tells the story of the winged insects that were the first creatures to take to the air.

Ultra-slow-motion cameras reveal incredible flight skills, such as dragonflies catching their prey and bluebottles flying upside down. From rare cascade damselflies to hovering hawkmoths, insects use flight to find new territories and food. Beetles have a more lumbering flight, none more so than the world's largest insect, the titan beetle.

Finally, David is on hand to witness the mass emergence of winged cicadas after 17 years underground as root-feeding grubs.

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