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Secrets of Silicon Valley

Jamie Bartlett uncovers the dark reality behind Silicon Valley's glittering promise to build a better world.


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The OU has a unique partnership with the BBC, co-producing content for radio, television and online channels. We also work with a range of other broadcasters in the UK and internationally.
Here’s what’s coming up in next few days and what you can catch up with via iPlayer.

Monday 11:15pm
23 Jul 2018

The Five Billion Pound Super Sewer

Following workers for three years as they race to build an enormous super sewer on time and on budget.

BBC Four
Wednesday 12:45am
25 Jul 2018

Vienna: Empire, Dynasty and Dream

Simon Sebag Montefiore tells the story of how the Habsburg family transformed Vienna into the capital that it is today, during a dynasty era lasting nearly 1,000 years.

BBC Four
Thursday 11:00pm
26 Jul 2018

The Great British Year

The definitive portrait of the spectacular nature of the country over the course of one year.

Thursday 11:15pm
26 Jul 2018

Hospital - Series 1

Hospital, our new six-part co-production with the BBC, is the story of the NHS in unprecedented times.

Coming soon

Extraordinary Rituals

Explore the spectacular and emotional world of rituals.

Coming soon

International Playwriting Competition 2018

The only global competition for radio playwrights. 

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