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Happy New Year

Updated Wednesday 20th December 2017

Happy New Year! What is 2018 going to mean for you? Motivation? Success? Learning a language? Get started here. 

Don't give up, take up!

New year, new resolution? Why not try taking something up rather than giving something up? We've got a few ideas where you could get started - click on a link to jump to content:

Succeed in the workplace

Is this the year you put your career first? Check out our Badged Open Course, and if you are Returning to a STEM career, feast your eyes on our interactive toolkit:

Get writing 

New year, new novel? Have you been itching to get your first novel started and haven't known where to begin? Well we know where - here! Start with Ten top tips for writing a novel. Then expand your knowledge with our Writing tips series and delve into the resources below:

So you've written your novel, what now?

Find out what else there is to explore in Literature and Creative writing on OpenLearn or find out how The Open University could help you on your adventure.

Happy New Year in different languages Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Viorel Dudau | Learn a language

Feliz año nuevo! Time to expand your horizons and learn the lingo! Where in the world are you headed?

Explore more content on languages and find out how you can dig a little deeper with The OU. 

Get motivated!

Whether you want to tone up in the gym or get motivated in your everyday life, we have something for you:

Happy New Year from the OpenLearn Team!


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