Olympics 2012

Updated Wednesday 8th February 2012

Play games, learn for free and see what Open University academics have to say about the world's biggest sporting event with our dedicated Olympics portal

Let the games begin

From the first games to modern training, explore the Olympics

Our game will let you discover your perfect sport - and then enter our virtual tournament Copyright The Open University Podium Image Sgame - Dreamstime.com What were the Olympic ideals at the very first Games? Copyright Meet the first Olympians  An Olympian reveals what it takes to win. Copyright The Open University  Enter the world of the Paralympians. Creative-Commons Elvar Freyer under CC-BY licence
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Focus: Jessica Ennis on getting into the zone

Watch this video to find out how athletes like Jessica Ennis and Tom Daley get into the zone  

What can you do in our Olympics Hub? 

Summer of Sport Creative commons image Icon Creative commons image Give an Hour under Creative-Commons license

Why not use the Olympics as an excuse to Give an Hour to help someone you know get online? Find out how here. 

For information on other educational initiatives around the Games, visit the London 2012 education programme, Get Set.


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OpenLearn Live: 8th December 2015

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