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OpenLearn Live: 8th December 2016

Updated Thursday 8th December 2016

A brief history of a prolific historian. An explanation. And learning and research from across the day.

OpenLearn Live, when the site is running, selects the best in learning and research from around the web. This page might be updated across the day.

Yesterday, the cold wall of Hadrian and the warming effect of Foehn

On this day last year: the 1992 Olympics, fracking and the far-right in France

Today's posts

What went wrong yesterday?

If you saw OLL in the brief period we were online yesterday, you might be wondering what's happened to the exciting new look we promised you.

Unfortunately, we've got the same face as we had first thing on Wednesday morning, just with a bit of egg on it.

Our deploy failed, and then, to compound the problem, the roll back to the old site took a lot longer than anticipated.

The best minds in the business are working out what went wrong - and hopefully we'll try again soon.

Vale 2016: Israel Cavazos Garza

This week, we're starting each morning with the story of someone who left us during the last twelve months. Yesterday, we heard of the life of Mary Hesse. Today, we're celebrating the life of Israel Cavazos Garza.

Cerro de la Silla, a mountain in Monterrey, Mexico Creative commons image Icon Nathaniel C. Sheetz under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license Cerro De La Silla rises over Monterrey

Israel was born on the 2nd January 1923 - the same day Britain proposed loosening the terms of reparations from Germany over the First World War. He died on November 5th of this year.

His life's work was dedicated to recording the history and culture of Neuvo Leon, his home state in Mexico.

The importance of Israel's work to the state was demonstrated by the memorial ceremony in his honor - local dignitaries filed past his body for an hour before the funeral.

Garza published 27 works on aspects of social and anthropological history of Monterrey and its surrounding areas, including Nuevo León, montes jóvenes sobre antiguas llanuras and La Virgen del Roble, historia de una tradición regiomontana. His last public appearance came at the publication of Memoria Viva De Monterrey, which drew heavily upon his work. He received the accolade generously, thanking the researchers he had worked with, and those who had built on his legacy.

What is history: Being a historian


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