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World Book Day

Updated Tuesday 28th February 2017

Calling all bookworms and budding writers! Celebrate World Book Day (Thursday 2nd March 2017) with our FREE resources and eBooks on OpenLearn.

children reading books in a fantasy library Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: © Haywiremedia | - Kids Reading Books in Fantasy Library Commemorate all the brilliant books, amazing authors, incredible illustrators and (most importantly) reading in general this World Book Day

To help everyone join in the celebration, we've compiled a range of fantastic activities, courses and even some FREE eBooks for you to get stuck in to. Choose from the list of resources below and discover more fantastic books and authors.

Download your free eBooks here

We've produced a collection of free eBooks for you to enjoy. Select 'Download free eBooks' below to choose from an introduction to Great Expectations, Frankenstein, Mrs Dalloway, Shakespeare's First Folio and Jayne Eyre. 

Explore children's books and literature

Literary theory animations

What function does comedy serve? What do people in power learn by watching tragedies? In this quirky collection of five video animations, comedian Josie Long guides us into the fascinating world of literary theory.


Are you an avid reader? Find out how reading styles and tastes have changed over the years and discover some famous authors' favourite books with these units on the history of reading. 


Fancy yourself as the next J.K Rowling? Then why not try our Start Writing Fiction short course? Taken from an Open University module, you'll gain fantastic skills in order to pen your masterpiece. 


Unveil the surprising rifts, respect and relations authors had with one another in this simple to use interactive. Who loved or loathed eachother? Find out here. Also, explore the female authors, who changed the voice of literature and dig deeper into Virginia Woolf's and the Bronte sisters' works.

You can also find out why people visit writers' homes museums with this short video. What does our interest in writers' artefacts say about us?


Explore different ways of interpreting novels with this short unit on Charles Dickens' Great Expectations and discover how to put a modern spin on a Jane Austen classic in the article below.


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