OU on the BBC: Coast - About the 2007 series

Coast returns for a third series, with new adventures that involve journeys around the most extreme parts of the British Isles.

By: The Coast web team (Programme and web teams)

  • Duration 5 mins
  • Updated Tuesday 29th May 2007
  • Introductory level
  • Posted under TV, Coast
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Shetland Isles seen from the air Copyrighted image Copyright: BBC

The team's third journey takes them to some brand new territories, from the northern-most tip of Britain, on Shetland, to the continental charms of the Channel Islands and from the unique beauty of Southwold to the spectacular south west of Ireland.

They'll also return to favourite stretches of shore to look at them with fresh eyes and discover remarkable, untold stories of what happens when land, sea, and people meet.

In the course of the series they uncover evidence of a giant tsunami that devastated the shores of Britain thousands of years ago. They explore sea cliffs twice the height of Big Ben, visit a beach in Wales where land speed records were broken and experience fascinating sea life, including octopuses and dolphins.

From Nelson to the Nazi occupation of the Channel Islands, echoes of bygone conflicts are never far away, while stories of sailing vessels, modern supertankers and the Royal Navy's latest generation of submarines celebrate Britain's maritime heritage.

Explore with Coast as the epic odyssey continues its mission of building an extraordinary, encyclopedic picture of our life as an island people.

First broadcast: May 2007 on BBC TWO