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OU on the BBC: Mark Steel Lectures - Byron

Updated Thursday 21st October 2004

Find out more about Lord Byron in this programme from the BBC/OU Mark Steel Lectures.

Byron on Never Mind The Buzzcocks Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Production team

Mark Steel follows the glorious life of Lord Byron from his birth just off Oxford Street in London to his death in Greece thirty-six years later. We see Byron on the beach, Byron and his pet bear and Byron on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, as Mark traces an extraordinary, unpredictable and rude life in Nottinghamshire, London and Athens, from Byron’s bedroom to his deathbed.

In Lord Byron, Mark finds echoes of other modern heroes – revolutionaries, adventurers and poets like Joe Strummer, Lech Walesa and David Beckham, and suggests convincingly that Byron would have enjoyed Last of the Summer Wine.

Featuring Gerard Logan as Byron and Mark Lamarr as himself.

First broadcast: Tuesday 7 Oct 2003 on BBC Four


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