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OU on the BBC: Mark Steel Lectures - Einstein

Updated Thursday 21st October 2004

Find out more about Albert Einstein in this programme from the BBC/OU Mark Steel Lectures.

Einstein and Mark Steel Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Used with permission

A great physicist but a lousy father, Einstein played with the nature of space and time as easily as he did his beloved violin. Mark Steel grapples with the fundamental nature of the Universe and Einstein’s dislike of socks to provide a comic guide to the essence of the most famous scientist in history.

Surely the only television programme in history to explain special relativity with reference to both minicabs and Blake’s 7, this is Einstein in a nutshell, at nearly the speed of light.

Filmed on location in Bern and Geneva, Switzerland, and Florence.

First broadcast: Tuesday 7 Oct 2003 on BBC Four


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